Through coaching, NLP, and mentoring, I empower clients to overcome challenges, embrace self-discovery, and exceed goals. Join me on the transformative journey to inner wellness and success.




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With over a decade of experience, SY is a distinguished Inner Wellness Coach, Growth 10X Mentor, NLP Expert, and Author. Renowned for fostering transformation, SY empowers individuals to discover their potential, break barriers, and attain remarkable success. A certified NLP Expert, SY employs language and mindset techniques to facilitate lasting change. His insights have earned recognition, including a feature in Hindustan Times. Embark on a journey of empowerment and growth with Shashank Yadav to unlock your true potential.



Are you waiting for a perfect time?
It was 10 years ago. NOW is the second best time to upgrade yourself.
The best investment is you do on yourself.


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Welcome to the transformative world of SY

where profound personal growth meets cutting-edge NLP expertise.

Discover the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with SY. Through personalized sessions and workshops, you'll learn to rewire your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate a resilient and growth-oriented mentality. Unleash your true potential and lead a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Upgrade Your Inner Life:

Achieve financial abundance with SY's guidance. With a proven track record of helping clients achieve financial success, SY will provide you with strategic insights, wealth-building techniques, and mindset shifts to manifest prosperity and abundance.

Master Your Financial Destiny:

Elevate Your Social and Relationship Dynamics:

Catapult Your Business / Career:

Optimize Your Health and Wellbeing:

Forge meaningful connections and enrich your social life through SY's mentorship. Develop effective communication skills, build authentic relationships, and enhance your emotional intelligence to thrive in both personal and professional interactions.

Elevate your career trajectory under SY's expert mentorship. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, SY will equip you with leadership skills, strategic thinking, and personal branding strategies to excel in the competitive business landscape.

Prioritize your physical and mental health with SY's wellness coaching. Through tailored guidance, you'll establish holistic health practices, manage stress, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle that supports your overall well-being.

With a remarkable journey spanning over a decade, SY is a pioneer in the field of NLP, personal growth, and inner transformation. An accomplished author and sought-after speaker, SY has positively impacted countless lives, helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their goals and unlock their true potential.




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From Ambition to Achievement: Transform Your Goals into Reality with our Growth 10X Mentoring.

SY's NLP coaching will reprogram neurons to spark growth, increase energy & momentum, and eliminate mental blocks, patterns of failure, fear & anxiety.

Mind, Heart, Soul Aligned: Our Inner Wellbeing Program Guides You to True Wholeness. MASTER THE ART OF INNER WELLNESS !!

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Success isn't just about you; it's about learning from others and working hard. The Growth 10X Mentorship program by SY is like a roadmap for people who want to do really well. I've achieved things that seemed tough, and I know how important good guidance and help are. SY knows how to guide you and has great advice to help you do your best. With this program, you won't just get better - you'll make a strong connection with what you can do. Prepare to do better than you ever thought and grow in an amazing way.

Our minds have so much potential, and understanding them can make a big difference. The NLP Coaching Program by SY is like a door that opens to your hidden abilities. I've seen how NLP can do wonderful things, and I fully support this program. SY really knows how to teach NLP and wants to help you understand how people think and talk. This program is more than just learning; it's like a journey to discover how you work in the world. Be ready for a change that makes you more successful than ever.

Achieving greatness is a team effort, often fueled by guidance and hard work. The Growth 10X Mentorship program curated by SY serves as a roadmap for those striving for excellence. Having overcome numerous challenges myself, I recognize the value of mentorship and support. SY encapsulates the essence of turning dreams into realities through insightful guidance and practical strategies. With this program, expect not only remarkable growth but also a profound connection with your untapped potential. Prepare to rewrite your narrative and embark on a transformative journey.

Taking care of your inside happiness is a big step towards a really good life. The Inner Wellbeing Program by SY is like a guiding light for those who want to feel balanced and happy in their heart and mind. I've seen how focusing on feeling good inside can make life better. This program shares important tools and ideas that can make your personal and work life better. SY is like a friend who can help you discover yourself and handle tough times. Get ready to feel amazing and find happiness that lasts.

DT Sauda Sadaf --- International Wellness Expert | Director SAS California (USA) | Featured in Shark Tank

Prakshi Dubey ---- Health Officer (UP Govt.)

Dr. Yogendra Singh Rathore---- TEDx Speaker|World Record Holder | Times 40 under 40 Achiever

Abdul Aleem---- Businessmint 30 under 30 Award | Amazon #1 Bestseller Author

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